Nesting in 33 Feet

So it’s been about 3 weeks since we left our sticks and bricks and headed down to our first destination, my parents beautiful 26 acres just outside of Eugene, OR.  We’re in a town called Westfir an even tinier town than Oakridge, which actually has a couple of restaurants.  Going into town is an event these days and it’s kind of nice to have the excuse to be a bit less connected to the bustling world.  I do have a new appreciation for the concept of going into town for provisions.

We’ve been working almost more then when we were at home and everything feels a bit more critical when it’s crammed into an RV.  Thankfully, because of the way my parents place is set up, we can still use “indoor plumbing” while we renovate the RV bathroom.  Tt’s nice to be able to take hot showers and use modern plumbing for the time being….baby steps.

The first 2 1/2 weeks we were parked inside of my Dad’s massive workshop.  While this is awesome for keeping the elements at bay, horrible for sanity thanks to the florescent lighting.  Dave started to sense my light deprivation and would open the huge rolling door so the cats and I could get some sunlight in the morning.  The problem was, when I would hear him pull the chain to close the door I was beginning to feel like a prisoner who’s hour of daily sunlight was over.  So last week we moved the rig outside!  That has made a huge difference in my attitude and because I can see the outside all around the RV it feels like the RV is bigger on the inside.

So onto nesting…

From the start of this endeavor I’ve wanted to make sure the inside of the RV felt homey.  I basically miniaturized the feel of our old house have tried to cram them into the RV.  The RV was originally in horrible 90’s shades of peach and beige….bleh!  The first thing I did was take down the box valences and replaced the curtains.  I then set on repainting the kitchen/hall/dinette and work space.  It is still a work in progress but it’s feeling more like home everyday.

Here are some pics with before and afters…

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There is still tons more work to do on the RV. You will note that there are no pics of the bathroom, that is getting a total overhaul in the near future. We are going to have a real porcelain toilet and everything! We are really enjoying spending some true quality time with my parents. We are thankful to have this time with them.

Dave and my Dad worked on a YouTube video last week that features a song my Dad wrote and played guitar on with images he loves from his soaring career. Check it out!

9 thoughts on “Nesting in 33 Feet

  1. I can see how it would really be a bummer to be parked in the garage. Glad you moved out! The cats look like they’re adjusting well.

    Miss you, friend!

  2. Yep, there’s nothing like ditching urban insanity for nature. WOOHOO!

    I wish I could see the images but my ‘pooter won’t play. I know i Have JS. Waaah.

  3. I didn’t realize your parents lived in Oakridge; I love that town. Looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

    1. Hi Katie! Yep they have been out here for quite a while now. It is quite an adventure just getting the rig ready, but more news to come!

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