Getting Ready for Launch

So this month has been quite a whirlwind and shows no signs of slowing. It seems that when you sell your house and try to cram it into 33 feet it takes a bit of effort…who knew?

During the first week of February Dave ended his time at the ladies social club he has worked at for the last 13 years. The club members gave a beautiful tea in his honor and it was clear he will be missed and remembered. We still have some thank you’s to write for the graciousness that was extended to the both of us.

Since then we battled a cold for about a week each, gave away almost all of our furniture and it currently looks like a tornado hit the house. We are still weeding out what we do and don’t need and what we can’t part with and will store (at least for now).  The buyers of our house are eager to move in and we are thankful to have found the right people.  It took us quite a few months, multiple open houses and buyers, but in the end we ended up with 7 offers over asking, 2 back up offers and a great set of buyers. Our Realtor Ashlee Carter with Keller Williams has been absolutely amazing.  If you need a Realtor check her out!

moya and talon
Moya and Talon from Farscape

We took the RV into the shop last week for a check-up to make sure we can safely get from point A to point B. Moya (that is what we have named our RV after a space ship on a Scifi show called Farscape) has a few things that still need to be done and it will be a bit of a scramble to get everything in order by the time we leave March 9th.

Somewhere in midst of that all we bought a small used car to tow behind the RV. A Suzuki Swift….it’s pretty cute and we named it Talon after another spaceship/shuttle on Farscape. Now I just need to learn to drive a stick shift.

Cija and Dave
When these two crazy kids met back in 2010 they had no idea what they were in for.

Our first journey is thankfully to some place we are familiar with, my parents place. They have 26 acres complete with a large pond, next to a river just outside on Eugene where we can hook up our rig and get our bearings and figure how how to live in 33 feet of vehicle. We still have some more work to do on the RV to make it as homey as possible. I have added curtains and some nice decorating touches and I promise there will be pics soon!

Dave has been absolutely amazing at keeping me sane. I call him the Cija whisperer. He knows just how to keep me calm as we take the biggest journey of our lives. I have been obsessively watching the weather looking for a break in the rain and icy conditions so we can get Moya safely down to my parents. The weather literally changes from day to day and it’s a bit unnerving. But through it all Dave is my sea of calm in all this craziness.

I turn 45 next month and I never imagined at this age that I would find someone as amazing as Dave to do something so simultaneously scary and exciting as this. I have no idea what the next year is going to bring but I’m sure it is going to make for some great stories!

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  1. That’s some fun naming of vehicles, love it. I’m sure you’ll come away with great memories from this. I’m proud of you too for having the gusto to do this.

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